Sunday, 31 January 2016

2016 AO Women's Summary + ELO Rankings 01/02/2016

With the Australian Open finishing today, now's the best time to have a look back at how my predictions did. These predictions were solely based on an ELO rating system I have been using for just over a year now.

Zhang Shuai, © EPA

Friday, 29 January 2016

2016 Australian Open Predictions - Finals

We're in to the final! I didn't know whether I would be able to make this post, but something was cancelled, so here I am. How did I do in the last round?

Men's - 2/2
Women's - 2/2

All 4 correct, though this wasn't a difficult round to predict. Still going to take the points. For those of you keeping track, I am unfortunately now out of the Men's Drop Out contest on, as I got the score in Murray/Raonic wrong. To my complete surprise, I still have a theoretical shot at winning the Classic contest there, but as you will see below, I'm not predicting the upset to happen, so that isn't going to happen either. I've been scoring above average in every round so far, let's hope that stays the same for the final.

Men's Prediction.

Jan 31 • 08:30Novak Djokovic-Andy Murray

Women's Prediction.

Jan 30 • 08:30Serena Williams-Angelique Kerber

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

2016 Australian Open Predictions - Semi Finals

Thanks to all of you who read this blog, for breaking the calendar month page view record this January, but the Australian Open isn't finished yet, so let's take a look at how my predictions did in the last round.

Men's - 4/4
Women's - 4/4

100% correct! I'm really proud of this one, as almost everyone else I saw who made a prediction went for Azarenka over Kerber, but my Elo ratings has Kerber ahead (by 1 point), so I went for Kerber, and she won.

For those of you paying attention to the prediction contests I entered, I managed to stay in the Men's Drop Out again, as I got the scores for 3 of the matches correct, which was necessary along with getting the 4 matches right to stay in. It's going to be really tough now to make it to the final round.

Men's predictions

Jan 27 • 23:00Novak Djokovic-Roger Federer
Milos Raonic-Andy Murray

Women's predictions

Jan 27 • 23:00Serena Williams-Agnieszka Radwanska
Angelique Kerber-Johanna Konta

Monday, 25 January 2016

2016 Australian Open Predictions - Quarter Finals

I didn't know whether I would be able to make this post, but something was cancelled, so here I am. How did I do in the last round?

Men's - 7/8
Women's - 6/8

Another good round, though I'm now out of the Women's Drop out contest as I didn't do quite well enough on the exact set scores. Still in the Men's, but it gets tougher to stay in with each round.

Men's Predictions

Jan 26 • 03:30Roger Federer-Tomáš Berdych
Jan 26 • 08:15Novak Djokovic-Kei Nishikori
Jan 27 • 00:00Gaël Monfils-Milos Raonic
David Ferrer-Andy Murray

Women's Predictions

Jan 26 • 00:00Agnieszka Radwanska-Carla Suarez Navarro
Jan 26 • 01:45Serena Williams-Maria Sharapova
Jan 27 • 00:00Angelique Kerber-Victoria Azarenka
Johanna Konta-Shuai Zhang